Life In The Spirit, Your Divine Miracle

Jesus did not come to a course in miracles bookstore earth just to be my example of how to live. He came to earth to make a way for Himself to live in me, and do the works of the Father. Jesus is alive today on a greater scale than he was when his physical body was here on earth. Jesus lived here, taught here, did miracles to showcase the Glory of God; then paid the price in full so that his spirit could live in God's children. The Holy Ghost is the spirit of God. The Holy Ghost, Jesus' spirit, not only lives in me, but it is alive in me to canvas the globe with the works of God Himself. I need to train my spirit man, and develop the spirit part of me so that I may communicate and walk in unity, harmony and fellowship with the holy ghost.

Jesus was a miracle. If you think about it, the first miracle that was performed on Jesus' behalf was when Mary conceived Him. God took His own Spirit and created flesh that would showcase the works of Himself on the earth, not only to redeem mankind from death, but to deliver them from every sickness, oppression, and hindrance. In obedience to the Father, Jesus lived on earth as a man anointed by God, but did not do any mighty works until God publicly proclaimed His sonship. After that point, Jesus verbally told the world His purpose.

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